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Best Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Reviews 2018: Top-Selling, Affordable, and High-Quality Options for Beginner and Experienced Juicers

Jack LaLanne’s power juicers have been a popular household staple for years, ever since the first infomercials appeared on TV. These juicers claim to be more efficient, powerful, and user-friendly than others on the market.

But are they serious juicers, or are they just a fad?

We set out to find out just how great these juicers are in real life!

We know that anything can look great in an infomercial. We wanted to find out how real buyers said their machines worked, and see how the Jack LaLanne juicers stacked up to the competition.

To start our research, we looked at all the different models Jack LaLanne currently offers, to find the ones we think are the best. We’ve chosen three models to review in-depth here–the Express, Deluxe, and Anniversary edition.

These three models look fairly similar to the casual observer, but have some important differences. In our in-depth reviews, we’ll compare results from professional and amateur testing, and bring you concise overviews of what previous buyers are saying about each of these juicers. We’ll take you through all the important features to help you get a sense of how these juicers compare to each other, and to the competition!

At the bottom of the page, we’ve included a handy guide to how to shop for a Jack LaLanne juicer.

Here's a quick look of our three selections:

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​Compact Express Deluxe


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So who was Jack LaLanne, and why should you care that his name is on a juicer?

Jack LaLanne was one of the foremost spokespeople for nutrition and wellness in the 20th century. He was a fitness expert, trainer, and motivational speaker who championed physical fitness and nutrition-based health in American society. LaLanne notably opened a series of gyms in the 1930s, which were the first of their kind.

In his campaign against overly processed foods and physical inactivity, LaLanne was truly ahead of his time. He encouraged seniors to remain active in old age, and claimed that remaining active and eating a balanced diet was key to maintaining physical and mental health. These views are now considered mainstream, thanks in large part to LaLanne’s public appearances and programs.

One of the most important pieces of his nutrition program was juicing. He created the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer series to bring an affordable, simple, easy-to-use lineup of juicers to consumers around the country. While LaLanne himself is no longer living, his name continues to attract millions of buyers to these juicers.

Jack LaLanne Juicer Comparison Reviews


Jack LaLanne ​Compact Power Juicer Express Deluxe

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The Compact Express Deluxe model is Jack LaLanne’s best juicer model, as far as we’re concerned. It’s more compact than the others in the lineup, but has the same basic design.

We like that the smaller design doesn’t mean a smaller feed tube, or a less powerful motor! All in all, it’s the most efficient and reliable Jack LaLanne juicer you’ll find on the market.


The Compact works on a traditional centrifugal design, with spinning cutting blades at the bottom of the feed tube. The juicing system has automatic pulp ejection, and a special extraction system to get the most juice from your produce.

It does the hard work for you, with a centrifugal design that pulls produce in. There’s also a plunger to help you out. We think the Compact is extremely easy to use, since there’s no need to push, jam, or wiggle the plunger to get things moving.

The extra-wide feed chute can accept produce as large as whole apples. That’s particularly impressive given how small the whole thing is!

As you can see in the infomercials, Jack LaLanne suggested throwing in whole fruits, stems and all. We’d recommend taking a bit more time to prep fruit, in order to preserve the juicer parts and make sure you’re not drinking any arsenic from seeds.

The juice spout has a non-drip design. It flips up for storage, and to keep juice from getting on your counter when you’re finished with a batch.

It’s easy to take apart and clean. While many juicers have cumbersome disassembly processes, and are a pain to take apart for cleaning, the Compact makes it easy! The company also throws in a brush to help you clean out the pulp filter and other trickier parts.

Our favorite part is that all the parts are dishwasher-safe. You can throw them in with the top rack with your dishes to save time and energy. That’s another plus over cheaper models which have weaker, non-dishwasher-friendly plastics.

The motor claims to be “whisper quiet.” It’s certainly quieter than other juicers, if not quite at whisper level!

This juicer claims to produce more per pound than other juicers, thanks to patented extraction technology. In comparing, we found that the claim largely holds up. It does get more juice out of most fruits and vegetables, with the exception of greens and tomatoes. Consumer Reports has confirmed this in lab tests, too.

The smaller design fits more easily on your counter than the larger Jack LaLanne models.

The motor is covered by a lifetime warranty. The other parts are covered for a 60 day satisfaction period.


It doesn’t always produce as much juice as other machines. The main problem is that pulp really isn’t squeezed hard enough, compared to some centrifugals from other brands. The Compact struggles with juicy fruits like citrus and tomatoes in particular.

The smaller size means this juicer can’t handle quite as much produce at once, or as fast, regardless of the opening on it. 

This model might be smaller than the other Jack LaLanne models, but it’s actually the priciest. This costs closer to what other brands charge. Still, we think it’s well worth it given how much more reliable this is compared to the less expensive models.


Jack Lalanne's JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe Stainless-Steel Electric Juicer

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This Deluxe model is a bit larger than the Express. We think it provides a pretty sizable upgrade in terms of function and finish, for around the same price.

With more metal parts and a larger frame, it’s more durable and more industrial for handling serious juicing tasks on a regular basis.


The motor is the same size as the one on the Express. The Deluxe uses the same centrifugal setup with a stainless steel blade and basket.

The housing is mainly made from stainless steel. That’s a big plus over the Express version. It also helps the Deluxe compete with the more expensive Breville juicers.

The bigger body means faster, more efficient juicing. While the feed chute is the same size, a bigger juicing chamber keeps everything moving smoothly with fewer clogs and jams.

There’s also a bigger hopper for pulp. That means you can get through more juicing in one go, without having to empty the pulp as frequently.

It comes with the same lifetime guarantee on the motor, with the same 60-day coverage on the other parts.

It’s really quiet, thanks to the heavier build. While most people probably wouldn’t consider the noise level “whisper quiet,” it’s certainly quieter than many competing models. One reviewer said, “Noise irritates me (as in my previous juicer), so this machine is a dream.”

Like the Express, it’s easy to clean. It comes with the same included cleaning brush for scrubbing the filter basket.

Because of the price, it makes a great gift juicer. Many previous buyers said they had bought the Deluxe model as a gift for someone close.


While the infomercial claims that you can feed whole apples and fruits with stems and seeds through, the manual itself recommends otherwise. Reviewers said that while the claim is technically true, feeding whole produce through in this way is asking for clogs.

Reviewers had mixed experiences with efficiency. We found that many reviewers said that pulp came out wet, and they felt like they were wasting fruit and vegetables. Others said the claim of high yield held true. We’ve found that it has a lot to do with what you’re actually juicing. Like the Express, it doesn’t do well with greens or tough roots like ginger.

Some reviewers said they were disappointed that the stainless steel material was only on the outside. They were more concerned with the housing that actually came in contact with the juice.


100th Anniversary Edition

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This Anniversary Edition Power Juicer is the most affordable offering from Jack LaLanne. It’s much less expensive than the standard Fusion model, but offers most of the same features. This is a special edition, so it won’t be on the market forever. While it is, we think it’s a nice bargain!

Thanks to its variable speed motor and surprisingly good reliability record, the Anniversary Edition is our top budget recommendation from the LaLanne range.


The Anniversary model is the only one of the Jack LaLanne series to have multiple motor speeds. The lower speed means that this model does a bit better with the produce that causes the Express and Deluxe to struggle, like leafy greens and tomatoes.

The versatility really comes in handy as you start to get more adventurous with the ingredients you use!

The feed chute is nearly 3 inches wide. Like the Express and Deluxe models, it can handle full fruits and vegetables.

The non-drip spout is removable and adjustable.

The extra-large pulp collection bin on this one will allow you to get through an average juicing session without having to empty things multiple times.

This model comes with a special Ultimate Juicing Guide. It’s full of recipes and tips for experienced juicers and novices alike. We particularly like its advice on how to keep things moving clog-free, by alternating hard fruits and leafy greens.

Just like the Express and Deluxe, all the parts are removable and dishwasher-safe.

It includes a pitcher, with measurement marks and its own non-drip spot. Most other Jack LaLanne models only have a pulp container. It’s not an essential feature, but it’s a nice touch.

The clear construction on the top of the housing lets you see what’s going on inside, and adjust accordingly. While this seems like a mostly aesthetic choice, we find clear housing immensely helpful. You’ll be able to see when the juicer is struggling, know when to make an adjustment, and tell when it’s clear to have more produce pushed through.

Even though it’s the cheapest JLL model out there, it actually has markedly better reliability and durability ratings. We’d take that bargain any day! It comes with the same warranty coverage as the other models.


Even the special edition Jack LaLanne model is mostly plastic. While we found that this model has a pretty good track record, it still doesn’t feel as reassuring as a die cast metal juicer. Then again, for such an inexpensive appliance, that’s not super surprising.

While this one tends to last longer than a lot of the LaLanne offerings, it’s not perfect. We’ve heard of some motor issues, although we haven’t run into them ourselves.

Which LaLanne Juicer is Perfect for You?

The Express is certainly the cheapest model of the LaLanne range. It’ll appeal to buyers on a budget, who want to get into juicing with something inexpensive, but not in the cheap-o range. However, we’d recommend spending a few dollars more for the Deluxe, which is nearly the same price.

The Deluxe is a little bigger and a fair amount more powerful that the Express. We found that it had much higher ratings, and improved reliability. Plus, it looks and feels better with more stainless steel parts on the body. We’d recommend it to budget buyers, since it offers more value for your money than the Express model. The Deluxe model would also make a good first juicer, since it’s easy to use and comes with solid warranty coverage.

Our favorite Jack LaLanne juicer, and our recommendation to people who want the best quality offered by the brand, is the Anniversary Edition. This model has better build quality than the Express, with more metal parts and much better reliability. It improves on the Deluxe model with variable motor speeds, clear housing, and a handy juice pitcher/measuring cup combo. We think that it’s well worth the extra cost! The Anniversary is definitely the best choice for people who want to juice a wide range of produce, since it’s the only Jack LaLanne juicer with adjustable motor settings.

How to Shop for a Jack LaLanne Juicer

Weigh cost versus quality:

Overall, Jack LaLanne juicers are much cheaper than the competition. Even the Anniversary Edition won’t burn a hole in your pocket. By contrast, Breville and other centrifugal juicers can cost $200-$300 easily. The appeal of the LaLanne models is that they have many of the same functions and features as centrifugal juicers twice the price.

However, they don’t quite stack up in terms of quality. Many buyers who had owned other models previously said that they were disappointed by the Jack LaLanne lineup.

They have more plastic parts, and can feel cheaper when you’re using them. With that in mind, we’d recommend the Anniversary Edition to all but the most budget-minded buyers. It’s still way cheaper than juicers from other brands, but has a better track record over time than the other two LaLanne models.

We’d also recommend tacking on a protection plan with these juicers. These provide up to 3 years’ coverage for an additional $10 or so. Since the housing, blade, and other parts beside the motor are only covered by the manufacturer for 60 days, it makes sense to pay for the extra coverage. Many previous buyers were glad they had!

Be sure you want a centrifugal juicer:

The motors in Jack LaLanne juicers are very fast, at 3600 RPM. That means the juicers can power through lots of produce quickly.

However, that also means the Jack LaLanne juicers are prone to the heat and oxidation problems common to all centrifugal models. While the juicer isn’t causing any serious nutritional damage to the produce, motor heat does break down some beneficial enzymes that you’d otherwise absorb.

Likewise, the oxygen that’s added while the produce spins around in the blade assembly means that juice from these machines won’t keep very long (no more than 24 hours).

More serious nutrition buffs will probably want a masticating juicer. For the rest of us, oxidation and motor heat aren’t major concerns. After all, you’re still getting a heck of a lot of nutrients in a glass of fresh juice, regardless of a bit of foam.

The Jack LaLanne juicers are great options for first-time juicers who aren’t quite as concerned about the technicalities of pulp levels and enzyme content.

Think realistically about the infomercials:

Do the Jack LaLanne juicers match up to the lofty claims of their infomercials? Not quite.

Ardent juicers probably won’t be satisfied with the plastic interiors and oxidation from the centrifugal motors. And while these juicers are fairly efficient, they still waste more juice than any masticating juicer.

However, the Jack LaLanne lineup does fill a very important niche. These juicers are great introductory models, and inexpensive solutions for casual juicers. They’re about half the price of many centrifugal juicers like the Breville Juice Fountain, and are prepared to give you comparable results.

All the Jack LaLanne series juicers have safety features built in which make them smart choices for inexperienced juicers. They won’t turn on if everything’s not in place.

We also found this Consumer Reports test, which set the top Jack LaLanne model up against some of the competition:

It supports the claim that these juicers are more efficient than other centrifugal models, with the exception of juicing tomatoes and greens.

To sum up, these juicers are great if you know what they should be used for. They do a great job on most fruits and vegetables, and are easy to use and to clean.

Overall, we found that the Jack LaLanne juicers are an affordable entry-level juicing solution. If you’re going to try and juice lots of leafy greens, or are going for maximum nutrition, you might want to look elsewhere.

What's Next?

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